What is Maryland Bridges in Milpitas?

maryland bridge in milpitas

Maryland bonded bridges are supported by a metal or porcelain framework and are
composed of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or plastic teeth and gums. Wings
made of metal or porcelain that are frequently attached to your natural teeth on only one
side of the bridge.
A dental bridge in Maryland not only fills the space left by a missing tooth or set of teeth,
but it also restores lost functionality. This promotes dental health and makes it possible
for the person to eat and speak without any difficulties. Nearly no one can tell the
difference between a person’s original teeth and these artificial replacements. Filling the
space between your teeth with this technique is affordable.

 Cheap and cost-effective in comparison to other dental procedures.
 Low-risk treatment because it is easily replaceable.
 Less time-consuming because the process is quick and takes only two weeks to
 Long-term functionality that has been demonstrated.
 Less invasive and intrusive operation because the surrounding teeth do not need
to be filed down, the tooth’s interior does not need to be exposed, and wings are
affixed to one side of the teeth.
 Compared to several other alternative dental procedures, painless process.
 It might not be possible to replace teeth in the back of the mouth, behind the
 This dental operation might not be irreversibly fixed because it might need to be
redone every 5 to 8 years.
 The surrounding teeth’s enamel may darken as a result of the attached metal
wings, creating an unfavorable color mismatch.
 In comparison to natural teeth, porcelain pontics or artificial teeth may be lighter
in color.
 The strength of the glue used to connect the bridge to the neighboring teeth
determines how strong or capable the bridge is to remain intact.

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