Benefits of Root Canal in Milpitas

Benefits of Root Canal in Milpitas

If nothing is done to save a tooth that is affected on the inside, it will die. Root canal
therapy is the solution, since it will heal the tooth and prevent it from being lost. Some
people believe that pulling a diseased tooth is a better option than a root canal, but
saving a tooth can prevent other issues and is always the best choice.

What is Root Canal in Milpitas

A root canal cleans damaged and dying tissue from a tooth’s inner chamber, allowing it
to be saved. After that, the chamber is filled with a strong material, the region is
cleaned, and the tooth is strengthened with a filling or crown. A tooth that has been
treated with root canal therapy is restored, strong and can last a lifetime.

Having a dying tooth pulled may seem like an easy alternative to root canal, but most
people are not aware of the problems that can be caused by a missing tooth. An open
space between your teeth can weaken the foundation of the rest of your teeth.
Beginning with the teeth that surround the missing one, the other teeth can gradually
begin to shift out of position. Losing just one tooth can lead to crooked teeth and bite
problems in the future.

While having a dying tooth extracted may appear to be a simple alternative to a root
canal, most people are unaware of the issues that a lost tooth can create. An open area
between your teeth might impair the rest of your teeth’s foundation. The other teeth can
progressively shift out of position, starting with the teeth that surround the missing one.
Even one missing tooth might result in crooked teeth and bite issues in the future.

Oral hygiene becomes more difficult as teeth shift out of place, as gaps form that are
harder to clean. Food particles are more likely to be left behind, increasing the risk of
gum disease.

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