Restorative Services in Milpitas 95035

Restorative Services in Milpitas

Restorative Services in Milpitas 95035 located in Milpitas Square located in 410 Barber Ln, Milpitas, CA is one of the most common dental services in California.

Generally, these are

  • Fillings. Whether they are amalgam (metal) or composite (white), fillings.
  • Crowns. If a tooth has suffered significant decay and is irreparable via fillings, it may be time for dental crowns (or caps as they are sometimes referred).
  • Bridges. Similar to crowns, bridges are used to cover an area that has suffered a tooth extraction. It involves several crowns that are merged together and then bonded to the nearest healthy teeth on either side of the gap in order to “bridge” the missing tooth with a porcelain replacement.
  • Bonding. Process of recreating the missing portion of enamel by forming and bonding composite materials to the remaining tooth.
  • Implants. Process of replacing existing tooth structures with implanted artificial teeth.

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