How to take care of your dental crowns

How to take care of your dental crowns

Due to their variety of functions, dental crowns are one of the more adaptable oral
treatments. For instance, dental crowns hide stained and rotting teeth, guard against
further damage, restore chewing function, shield soft tissue from harm, and—most
importantly—restore your smile. Few dental treatments even come close to having this
much flexibility. To enjoy and maintain the advantages of dental crowns, adequate
maintenance is necessary. Here are some important pointers for caring for dental

To maintain a healthy mouth, brush and floss.
Even though the tooth that supports your crown is “artificial,” it still need regular dental
care to keep strong and healthy. Even though the crown covers the entire tooth surface,
it still needs to be properly brushed in order to eliminate the plaque layer and maintain
its finest appearance. Additionally, flossing is crucial because food and germs can still
get stuck or wedged between the crown and your gums or an adjacent tooth.

Avoid Foods That Stain
Ceramic dental crowns are comprised of a material that is nearly impossible to clean of
stains. Therefore, consuming stain-causing foods and beverages defies the purpose of
having crowns, which are designed to hide damaged teeth. For instance, you need to
visit the dentist to get new crowns installed to replace any that are discoloured.
Regular dental visits
It’s crucial to get regular exams and cleanings every six months to maintain the health of
both the supporting tooth and the gums that surround the crown.

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